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What Are the Rules for a Working Holiday Visa?

A Working Holiday Visa provides you with an excellent opportunity really experience the culture of the UK by allowing you to live and work in your choice of UK cities for up to two full years. There are some specific rules and requirements that you should be aware of, however, when applying for this great opportunity.

The Working Holiday Visa is only available at this time for those who are between 18 and 30 years old and who are from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, or New Zealand. Other countries are expected to be added to this least, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your country listed here at this time. Only those people who have not yet held this type of visa may apply. In addition, people must present proof of financial ability to live in the UK, which includes at least 1600 GBP, or the equivalent, in a personal bank account with the applicant’s name on it. If a spouse wishes to join you on your extended trip, he or she will also need to apply individual. Dependents are not permitted to be included in an application, and this does include children. Those with children who are wishing to work in the UK must apply under another type of visa.


Do you need to show financial proof that you have the 1600 GBP required?

The answer is yes. You do. You need to show proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself partially while you are in the UK. Accordingly, you should present a bank statement that is no more than a month-old. Anything beyond that is unacceptable. This bank statement should show:

- your name
- your account number
- your bank’s name
- your minimum balance which should be no less than 1600 GBP (or 00 if you’re from New Zealand; 00 if you’re from Canada; and 00 if you’re from Australia).

To be on the safe side of things, apply for this type of visa at least three months before you intend to go to the UK. Finally, if you have applied for a Working Holiday Visa and it has been denied, it is important to determine why it was denied. You want to make sure you have reviewed and met all of the requirements. You can always re-apply if your status changes, such as if your visa was denied due to lack of sufficient financial resources and you now have a higher balance in your accounts. However, if your visa was denied due to factors such as age or nationality, you should spend time reviewing the requirements for another visa that may be more suited for your qualifications.

It can take several weeks for each visa you apply for to be reviewed fully, so be sure that you meet all of the requirements for the document you are applying for before you complete the paperwork and submit your documentation if you want to save time with the application process.

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