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City tourism event. HCM is a traditional event of the city’s tourism industry, thereby honoring the Vietnamese tourism brand and create conditions to introduce corporate travel, offering their products, contributing to stimulate domestic tourism.

Department MOCST TP. City Planning is completing tourism event held in 2012 scheduled to be held from 12 – 15/4 in area B, 23.09 Park, District 1, HCMC. HCM. Accordingly, the event’s main activities include tourism fair (150 booths, clustered booths), food area (20 booths), the parade, cultural performing arts honor the trade effects of tourism, festival of colors Vietnam festivals, traditional music festival death Southern Festival golden voice tourism exhibition “Vietnam picture festival” … The special feature of the program this year also combines with cherry blossom festival in Japan in the city, depicting colorful tourism festival – cultural city. City and other provinces nearby …This year, Binh Thuan Tourism Festival continue to participate with photos to the sea resort friendly and colorful. That is the strength of the unique tourism products include: the sea tournament sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing; the folk festivals such as traditional boat race, Nghinh Mr. Quan St., mid-autumn, Kate, Thay Thim Palace, which will choose to join Kate festival festival colorful festival of Vietnam.

Information from the Information Center of Binh Thuan tourism promotion, said the tourism sector is promoting plans to join as inviting businesses, content preparation to participate in festival activities, selection of promotional materials to promote tourism …

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In the days from 12 to 14/2 (ie 21, 22, 23 January) at the Hong Tien 2, Chau Tien (Quy Chau) will take place Bua Cave Festival 2012. This festival is a regional tradition, beauty convergence customs, spiritual beliefs, culture of Thai people in Guizhou.

Beginning in 1996, Bua Cave Festival is organized testing, and 2012 is the 16th year the festival is maintained. Like every year, the festival has two main parts Bua cave is part of the ceremony and the Assembly. In celebration activities include: optical ceremony, announcement to Mass, Mass General International, Thanksgiving to commemorate the thanks those who have publicly envisaged the establishment. The Assembly consists of the following activities: playing sports (soccer, men’s volleyball, shooting crossbows, tug, push rod, throwing, walking on stilts), cultural entertainment including food competition, cultural construction, performance gong, carved bed, jumping booths; test his incense; implementation brocade; implementation camping Thai Handwriting Competition … This year, the first time in festival competition held wine culture, including: drinking wine in the wedding, the celebration of a new home, the festival … with different forms of the oratorio oracles, of slowing down. With a district with over 80% of Thai people live, the cultural institutions wine competition has practical significance in preserving and promoting cultural activities of the Thai people.This year, in addition to the above activities, the festival also welcomes artists, participants in the districts of the provinces of Tra Bong, Tay Tra (Quang Ngai); As Spring, as Thanh, Thuong Xuan (Thanh Hoa ) for general fun, organizing youth exchanges between the two twinned Tra Bong district – Quy Chau.

Mr. Vi Van Tien, Vice Chairman Quy Chau district, said before the Lunar New Year, the DPC has issued plans Bua Cave Festival in 2012, the festival organizing committees, subcommittees and assign tasks specific to departments, unions and promulgate rules and regulations sporting, cultural exchange, arts festivals in the construction of detailed scenarios for the ceremony and the Assembly meet told the solemn and promote traditional values of the Thai people in Guizhou. At the same time, the establishment of inspection teams, examined the cultural activities and cultural services before, during and after the festival and inspect work to ensure security and order. Direct organized Chau Tien CPC booth culinary traditions of the Thai tourist service assignment in collaboration with the Women’s Career Vocational Center district organization booth and selling Aboriginal marble. The district has also invested funds installation of lights, colored lights in the cave system; put the beer guide area; signs … service Bua Cave Festival 2012.

The development objective of Quy Chau tourism out to 2015 (taking into account 2020) is Quy Chau become attractive tourist destination northwest of Nghe An with complete facilities, unique tourist product ; striving to 2015, the proportion of economic trade in services accounted for 37.5%, reaching 19-20 thousand tourists to Guizhou, revenue from tourism increased an average of 21-22% / year.

Identify Bua cave festival is the highlight for tourism development in Quy Chau community, so the district has invested in upgrading the facilities category for festivals, and, further advertising the Festival Assembly Bua cave; promote routes, tour: Bua cave Join He-Join-on-any loss of grass Ngan Hang Bua cave-climbing Break-in many ways Gasoline and boosting the construction and development of club culture Thai; conservation of traditional cultural values and catching character in food culture; the traditional products diversify souvenir products, improve the quality of tourism services, quality served in the accommodation establishments, restaurants, construction of environmentally friendly tourism, Quy Chau safety to become tourist destinations attractive community.

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